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This page presents topics to assist the UTR to build simple and effective navigation tools. These tools tell the user where they are within your web site and provide them a method to move about. Several examples are outlined below.

Tabs are self evident and easy to use. All of us have used file folders and three ring binders with tabs. For an example of tabs, refer to the main navigation of this web site. There are 5 tabs outlining main pages (i.e. Home, Navigation, The Screen...).
Bread Crumbs  

Bread crumbs show the user a trail of where they are using the home page as a starting point. An example using this page is below:

  You are here: Home > Navigation > Navigation Tools
Nav Bars   Navigation Bars (called Nav Bars) are simply a collection of links laid out in a linear fashion. They are usually placed into a colored area to add contrast and make them prominent. Unlike bread crumbs, they do not denote hierarchy and simply link to content that is relevant to the current page (sub pages). We use a Nav Bar on this page and all pages subordinate to the Navigation main page.
Rev 21-Sep-2004
John Rivoire