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Greetings Unit Training Reps! This page presents information and items of interest that will help you on your way to building your unit's training interface.
Free Server Space
I made arrangements to provide you with temporary server space at no cost. Your test sever page address will be:
To obtain your server space, email Major Rivoire and provide him your desired user name, the estimated size of you project, and the date you need the server set up. Please allow 48 hours for your request to be processed. Fellow ED722 learners are welcome to use this space as well.
Software for Creating Web Pages
Dreamweaver (recommended)


How to start your interface project:

1. Make sure that you have installed MS IIS server on your computer. This can be done in the "Add/Remove Programs" section of the control panel using the "Add/Remove Windows Component" button.

2. Always name your Home Page "index.html" If you name it anything else, a link to your folder will open the folder just like opening any folder in windows. If you are on my server and want me to turn off this behavior, let me know. If off and no "index.html"found, the server will return a "file not found error" rather than open your root folder contents to everyone.

3. You must have some type of software to create html pages. While a simple text editor such as "Notepad" will work, it requires a knowledge of html programming. Other software packages are available (links provided) which do not require any knowledge of html to use.

4. Once you have built and tested your pages, they have to be uploaded to your server folder. FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a common method for accomplishing this. Your web creation software will have a method of FTP built in to it. For how to set up this feature on your software's FTP function, CLICK HERE.
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John Rivoire

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