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The following concepts are should be used on every site you design. For lack of a better term, we will call these concepts "Rules of Navigation".

Persistent Navigation
Always keep the theme and location of your navigational tools in the same place within your site. While there can be minor variations but do not jump from tabs to Nav Bars or vice versa. Once you have set up a suitable navigation system for your site, keep employing it throughout.
Home Page   On the main navigation page, we stated that every page needs to have a name prominently displayed in the top left hand corner of the page. This is not the case for the home page. It is assumed that every site has a home page and the file that opens in the root directory of the site is presumably the site's home page.
Sub Pages   Sub pages should have easily recognized links back to their main page as well as to the home page and other main pages. Essentially the navigational theme of the sub pages should not differ drastically from any other page on the site except to include local navigation it's main page.


Rev 20-Sep-2004
John Rivoire