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This page will be devoted to screen text. Readability is the ability to read large quantities of text on the web page. Legibility has to to with recognizing short bursts of text.
Text Sets   Text and available fonts, like every other concept we have discussed, are platform and browser dependant. Because of this, desired fonts are placed into "font sets." The font set currently being used is verdana,sans-serif. This means that the browser will attempt to use veranda if it is available and will use sans-serif if veranda is not available.
Veranda & Sans-serif   These fonts are readable and work well in paragraphs of text. While many fonts have appeal, some fonts like antique olive have ascenders that are not much taller than the lower portion of the text character.
Georgia & Serif   This font set is extremely legible and grabs a users attention. While not very suitable for large areas of text, It makes for excellent labels and headings.
Bold Characters The use of bold and italicized text has a definite place in web design. Over use of these characteristics should be avoided as should all Caps!
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Fun with Fonts

12 pitch arial.....14 pitch arial.......16 pitch arial....... 18 pitch arial
12 pitch times new roman... 16 pitch times new roman... 18 pitch times new roman
12 pitch Geneva ....14 pitch Geneva....16 pitch Geneva... 18 pitch Geneva
This is the Tahoma font!
Do you find it readable with large amounts of text??

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John Rivoire