Interface Design
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This web site provides information on interface design and not on how to create web pages with Dream Weaver. Please refer to the Macromedia web page for tutorials, manual downloads and other information on using this web authoring software.

Our Purpose
The purpose of this site is to provide the Unit Training Reps (UTR) guidance to enable them to create excellent web based interfaces as they build their on-line competency training program. While it is not step by step instructions on web site creation, this web site will provide instructions to help the UTR create pages that are stand alone, intuitive documents that navigate well. A link above will open a predefined template (similar to this web site) to maintain program consistency and simplicity.

Note: This web site utilizes a tab navigation Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) template designed by Daniel Burka. This CSS was retrieved from on 23 July 2004. The author provides a download link for this CSS and grants explicit permission for anyone to download, use and/or modify the CSS.
Rev 22-Sep-2004